Camping Cookers For Backpacking


Highlander blade cooker, fast boil


Camping cooker


Compact Camping Cooker


Solid Fuel Refills


Hexamine Solid Fuel Cooker


Windshield for gas cookers


Meths burner


Fuel gel Fire dragon


Lightweight Bushcraft cooker with Flint

Small Cookers For Camping and Hillwalking.

A range of small gas camping cookers made for the outdoor, hiking and survival, they are small and good for those of you who want a Portable Gas Cooking Stove for outdoor use they are safe and great price and low running costs.The camping cookers backpacking stove provides full cooking function in a very safe and economical form.They are compact and easily transported. These are light stoves but still have enough power to boil your water quickly. The old petrol or paraffin cooker has now been overtaken by gas cookers the cookers use the commonly available gas cartridges.The Portable Gas Cookers are a good seller with campers, camping cookers are a must have for those of you who spend days away camping, these Cooking Stoves come at come of the lowest prices on-line.