Cadet Flagpoles



Ceremonial flagpoles 7ft rosewood | spear


Cadet flagpoles 8 foot.


Flagpole for parades black with chrome spear


flagpoles 8ft black , chrome


Flagpole for parades | cadets


Scout flag pole with emblem


Flagpole belt Harness


Brown leather carrying holster for flagpoles


Flag pole carrying belts


Flagpole bag | Flag bag

Cadet Flagpoles

Cadet Flagpoles are used to display the Cadet Flag during ceremonies. it can be used in conjunction with our flagpole harness or when in the hall with a matching base. these are beautiful made poles in dark rosewood colour with brass fittings or in black with chrome fittings.

Flagpoles In The Beginning.

  No one really knows how Flagpoles originally started but would have been a branch of a tree fashioned into a stick. hey would have begun, as a way, to show different tribes or districts or different groups in the military. The romans used flagpoles to significant effect and really made them look like works of art and a long way from a simple stick. Their flagpoles were made of good quality wood and with metal plates for better style and design.

Ceremonial Flagpoles Today.

Today we still use wood for ceremonial flagpoles for the military, scouts, and cadets. Now a days we use screw joints in our flagpoles so that they can be split down to a size that is easily transported to events.We can now supply flagpoles with finials in different shapes and sizes and the smaller size of 7 foot for cadets.