Parade Belts.


White parade belts Corelene


White Military parade belts hook buckle


White pvc parade belts | chrome plate


White Pvc parade belts with brass plate


White Parade Belt | Chrome plate


Black Pvc parade service buckle belts


White parade belt with gold buckle


Black parade belt with chrome service buckle


White PVC parade belt with service buckle


PVC parade service buckle belts 2-9 BELTS. QUANTITY DISCOUNT


PVC Parade service buckle belts 10+ QUANTITY DISCOUNT

Cadet and Military Parade Belts

PVC parade belts with chrome and brass buckles. Come in different widths 57mm and 45 mm . Size from small to extra extra large.

White Parade Belt.

This is a PVC Belt that will fit into belt loops and used by bands.

45 MM  PVC Parade belts white and black.

This is a smaller type of belt so that it can fit in trousers loops and can be used by bands. Can be fitted with chrome or brass buckles. This belt can come with flat chrome , flat brass , hook and loop or fitted with the British service buckle.

57 MM PVC Parade belts in white or black.

This is 57 mm wide belt for parades and is used by the military and cadets. Fits over the jacket and can be fitted with the chrome or brass plate buckles.

Parade Belt Corelene.

 Corelene is a stiff nylon fibre belt use by the Armed Forces for belts.This belt can be fitted with buckles such as the chrome plate, brass plate or hook and loop. Come is cut lengths. This belt usually comes in 57mm widths