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Cadet Badges

Are you looking for a specific cadet or military badge? At Cadets UK, we are always adding to our collection of military badges and make any badge to order such as unit badges and special logos. Our cadet and military badges are all made to regulation standards and made with quality materials.

Our business has been making and supplying good quality badges for over 20 years. Cadets UK’s aim is to provide you with good quality badges at the lowest of prices and to make the task of ordering a simple process.

Above embroidered badges and accessories including British Army Hackles, ACF Rank Slides and collection of

Name & Shoulder Tags

At Cadets UK we sell a number of Name and Shoulder Tags. Our name and shoulder tag section offers great quality cadet badges. If you are a member of the Military or Army and Cadets, it is not uncommon that you will need name and shoulder tags at one point or another.

Trade Badges

We have a variety of Trade Badges at Cadets UK. This particular type of badge covers a variety of cadet positions including: First Aid Instructors, Sniper and Skill at Arms.

Embroidered Cap Badges

We have a good selection of Embroidered Army Cap Badges. Below are all of the Army Cap Badges that we have in stock and the quality of the Embroidered Cap Badges is always first class. We also stock RAF & ATC Badges.

Hackles and Plumes for The Military

At Cadets UK we are honoured to provide Hackles and Plumes for the Military. We provide a range of hackles and plumes for individual regiments. Traditionally, a hackle is a clipped feather plume which can be attached to a military headdress.

This is a very special acknowledgment in the British Army and is also used in armies of some Commonwealth countries.  The hackle is most commonly worn by some infantry regiments, particularly those chosen as fusilier regiments.

Royal Regiment of Scotland Hackles and Plumes

At Cadets UK we only stock the finest quality Royal Regiment of Scotland stable belts. This very special recognition is made with the official tartan and 2-part leather buckle. This belt comes in various sizes. The Royal Regiment of Scotland Stable Belt is one of our best buys and is a special offer item.

Cadet Rank Slides & Custom Made Rank Slider

 Are you looking for a specific Army cadet rank slides for the ACF CCF and ATC? We are always adding to our collection of badges, rank slides and epaulets. If we don't have what you’re looking for in stock then we will make it. We make rank slides to your specifications if you need to have them specially made.

Metal Cap Badges

Whether you are looking for military or cadet badges you have come to the right place, as our business have been supplying Metal Cap Badges and other Military accessories for over 30 years.

Metal Cap Badges are popular and we try and keep as many as we can in stock. Our Cadets UK Metal Cap Badges that we have available are listed below with details on each badge.

 At Cadets UK we sell everything from military boots to badges. This is just a selection of the Cadet & Military Badges that we sell at Cadets UK. If you would like to make an inquiry about any of the products we sell above, we would be more than happy to help for more information on military and cadet badges.