Military Stable Belts.

Originally stable belts are used when Cavalrymen were cleaning their stables, but in the 50’s stable belts were introduced into the whole British Armed Forces. The long history of the stable belt makes them an essential part of every corps and regiment of the British Armed Forces, a tradition which has helped define each corps and regiment between each other. Stable belts are also used by Denmark and other commonwealth countries.Cadets UK has some of the best and value for money stable belts on the market.We have a great selection in different regiments and Corps all made with top quality materials.

Royal Marines Stable Belt

RM woven stable belt with leather black straps

REME Stable belts | Electrical|Mechanical Engineers

Classic REME stable belt with new improved buckle and webbing.Fantastic belt at great price.

Rifles Stable belt

Rifles stable belt in the traditional  Rifle Green webbing with  black leather straps and black metal  buckles with slider adjuster.


RAF & ATC stable belts

RAF | ATC stable belts made from quality materials. Great value and one of the best deals on the Internet.

Royal Engineers Stable Belt

Royal Engineers stable belt for the sappers. Made with quality materials and at a great value for money price. In stock.

Royal Artillery stable belts

Royal Artillery Stable belt in regiment colours and adjustable straps.High quality belts.

Royal Welsh Regiment Stable Belt

Royal Welsh Regiment stable belts comes in 4 sizes with adjustable buckles and slider.Fantastic price and quality belts.


Regiment of Scotland Stable Belts

Great offers on our Royal Regiment of Scotland stable belt. This is great value for money RRS stable belt.

Parachute regiment stable belts

Parachute regiment stable belts. Brand new para regiment stable belts in 3 sizes