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Cadet Socks.

Cadet Socks are vital to keep you feet warm in cold places where there is a risk to your feet with numbness or frost bite.
Even in warmer climates socks are needed and necessary to maintain good foot health.  Long gone are the days when you could only get rough wool socks and had to darn them when a hole appeared in the heel.Today you can get super soft quality cadet socks

Foot health.

Not only do they absorb sweat and help prevent blisters.They also act as a barriers between the shoe or boots and the skin. Let the sock move and not your skin. Make sure you look after your  feet and keep them comfortable and dry.
We have a range of  Military socks from top brands.
Our socks are used by cadet ,military,police and hikers all over the UK.Our socks are some of the best in the world with wicking wool and  polyester mixes for great performance. Our  military and trekking ranges have been tested and tried and are now an end game of years of development.

  • Socks for all season
  • Colours sizes and styles
  • Short and long lengths
  • Great for walking trekking tabbing
  • Great for Cadets

Military socks.

We have a wide range of Military Socks made for a variety of different purposes,Made with fibers for super softness, durability, and moisture-wicking to keep the feet dry.Some with  padding in the foot and heel specifically to help avoid blisters with protection that will keep the feet cool. Good socks help to keep circulation flowing and will not rub on toes and heels. If you cant find the Military Socks that you are looking for then contact us, we have a sales team on hand to help our customers find exactly what they are looking for, we are always adding new Army & Cadet Socks to our product range to ensure that we are offering you the best choice when it comes to Military Socks. These go well with our range of Military boots and cadet army boots

  • Wash the socks inside out.
  • Was by hand if high wool content.
  • Replace worn socks.
  • Make sure you have good insoles in the boots and replace if worn.
  • see our cadet boots.