Lowa Combat Boots & Lowa Mountain Boots. 

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Lowa Combat Boots.

For the professional we  highly recommend the Lowa combat boots range, the Lowa boots are capable of being polished as well as being suitable for field craft and other areas of rough terrain you may be put in. If you have a large budget for your boots then we say that the value for money you get on the Lowa boots are incredible, the durability of their boots make them stand out as one of the top suppliers of boots in the world. The boots have a great range from waterproof to non-waterproof depending on the conditions you will be operating in  and designed to keep you warm in the cold winter months and becomes air conditioned during the hotter months, with no need to change boots if it gets too warm.


Dampness at the sole area is mopped up through the top part of the insole system, they come with the Gore-Tex Lining. Mountain, Combat and Seeker only and is nearly 100% waterproof.The amount of heat and air pressure between the outside temperature and inside of the footwear will help to push the moisture out. The footwear in this range are waterproof and very breathable which make them a popular choice with our customers.


Lowa is one of a number of Brand Names that we supply. The footwear is used by many people and are designed to be durable and offer comfort to those who wear them. Over the years Lowa have a growing reputation for the quality of footwear they provide. They are always looking for ways to improve their footwear to make sure they remain one of the leading brand names of boot suppliers in the world.

Lowa Police Boots.

The Lowa Police Boots and Lowa Military Boots are all in stock and available for UK delivery. This is one of the most popular boots sold in the UK and we offer next day delivery at no extra cost. Bulk buyers are welcome and discounts for nearly all of our combat boots are available, so if you need more information on this footwear or any of our other boots, then contact us and one of our staff will be more than happy to provide you with the information you need. 

 Lowa Mountain Boots.

The Lowa Mountain boot is the result of decades of fine tuning the production process and are a welcome addition to the range. LOWA Mountain Boots are designed  to be a comfortable and durable footwear. The boots are moulded from full-grain leather that will make sure they are a solid supporting boots,similar in construction to the Combat boots but have a smaller ankle length  but has still the same super qualities.This makes the  Mountain Boot a great boot for lots of different applications as a military boot or for Police duties. This has been a great boot for years and will continue to be very popular with people who love its qualities. See our Police boots

Care of Boots.

It is important to take care and maintain you boots to keep them performing at the best they can. Keep them clean and well aired when not in use and use good quality polish. Note Leder Gris wax must not be used on these boots. This invalidates any warranty. Use only Lowa products as Leder marks the boots.