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Why Join the Army Cadets UK?

If you are already a cadet, then you will know that you get to do lots of amazing activities you wouldn’t normally do. Becoming part of the cadet family can bring a number of opportunities to you.

If you would like to get involved with the army cadets uk it may even present opportunities like Duke of Edinburgh’s Award. Projects like that are common within the cadets and your cadet activities can  count towards  qualifications like 1st Diplomas, which are equal to 4 GCSEs!

What Are the Benefits of Being a Cadet?

It’s time to put on a pair of army boots because there are lots of benefits to joining the cadets. The Army Cadet Force (ACF) has over 41,000 within the UK and by joining you are entering into one of the most popular clubs around. If you are looking for a club where fun, friendship, action and adventure is involved well you have come to the right place.

There is never a dull moment once you become a member of the Army Cadets and you’ll be spending your spare time wisely, getting out into the wild and taking part in things you could never imagine yourself doing before. Every day is different when you are partaking in adventurous activities like climbing,  biking, archery and camping.

By becoming a cadet, it will give you an experience to meet new friends and share skills while enjoying sports and fun activities. There will  be good opportunities for you to show your skills off as ACF has competitions for both boys and girls at county, regional and national level.

Getting outdoors and enjoying yourself is one of the best things about being a cadet and if you end up a little wet and muddy it will only make the experience more memorable. Join the cadets and start making new memories with amazing new people because who remembers the days they sat in playing computer games.

Fieldcraft Cadets Kit

Once you have signed up for the unit you will learn multiple skills that you can apply in a multitude of backgrounds. If you are someone who is looking to constantly learn new skills and gain a real insight into fieldcraft then the Cadets is a great place to start.

Fieldcraft is most definitely one of the most exciting parts of being in the cadets and it is hugely popular. Fieldcraft and Military Knowledge are subjects which are not taught at school therefore it is a unique talent to have.

Once you have stocked up with your cadet equipment and cam cream, you will start by learning the basics of personal camouflage, fieldcraft movement, working together as a team on the field and eventually commanding your own section – how exciting!

Once you become more experienced in fieldcraft you and your team will learn how to patrol an area at night and experience ambush situations – this is great experience to have if you are serious about a career in the armed forces as it will give you a real taste of what the cadet life is like.

Fieldcraft is taught all year round and during a cadet’s annual camp, is when you will test these skills by living out in the field for a series of days. Having the right camping equipment and rations for camping are essentials for these trips.

Remember being a part of a cadets group is about enhancing your skills and becoming a better cadet as well as meeting new people and working as a team. No matter where you go in life teamwork and communication are transferable skills which are daily and they can both be developed in fieldcraft exercises that are readily transferable to everyday life.

Lots to Learn

Fieldcraft and friendship are not the only things you will gain from being a cadet. One of the most important things you will learn at the cadets is how the military functions and the massive role it has in world history right up to today.

Learning the Cadet history is something every trainee should be a part of, not only will it make you feel proud to be part of such a historic group of people but it will give you a knowledge of history itself.

During this study you will learn about the customs and traditions of the British Army and more about your countries proud history.  You will also gain an understanding of the structure of your own county as well as learning about. Is it time for you to stock up on army gear yet?

What Cadet Kit Will I Need?

Cadets UK is a one stop army cadets shop for Cadets Supplies, we would love to help you start your cadets experience. An experienced Cadets Supplier we sell everything you will need including Military kit, Cadet kit, Cadet clothing and Cadets army boots, army cadet boots, Cadets UK (Trademark) offers a great selection of Air cadet kit such as  Cadet boots, Rucksacks, Military kit, Survival Aids and accessories for outdoor people, Cadets, and the Military.

We have a superb range of military combat boots including: Lowa Boots, Magnum Boots, Altberg Sneeker, Warrior Boots and many more styles.

Keep up with our latest brands with comfortable quality footwear for every situation. If you need tough strong or lightweight boots for work, then we can supply you with great prices.

Buying as a Group

Experienced cadets have been buying from Cadets UK for years. We value all of our customer’s opinions and over the years we have expanded as a business to suit their needs. Cadets UK has everything a cadet will need for their adventures on field and we provide stock which is made to the highest of standards.

Are you part of cadets group who need new equipment or kit and would like to buy as a group? We offer large discounts on our footwear to groups that want to bulk buy. We have a special bulk buy price as well as taking into account the amount you buy. We are one of the largest suppliers of boots in the UK.

Exciting news! We now have new range of boots in stock, including: The Classics, The Classic with zip, The Hawk, and The Force.  

Cadet Forces in the UK

In the United Kingdom we have many Cadet Forces:

  • Army Cadet Force
  • Air Training Corps
  • Sea Cadets
  • Combined Cadet Force

These forces form the UK Cadet Force, which aims to provide Cadets an exciting opportunity to make new friends, learn valuable new skills and take part in activities that they would never do on civvy street. There are just fewer than 100,000 cadets in the Army, Air and Sea Cadets. With over 1,600 Army Cadet Detachments and 9,500 adult members in the UK, the Cadets are thriving. The Cadets need instructors to be responsible for the Cadets and take them on their adventures. Adults can volunteer as an instructor and have just as much fun. Volunteers gain valuable experience and can achieve recognized qualifications.

What Kit do Cadets Need?

During your time in the cadets you will need certain supplies and our cadet kit shop has it all. We stock all the necessary equipment to ensure you have what it takes to succeed on the field including; Military kit, ration kits, Cadet clothing and Cadets boots.

One of the most important pieces of clothing the cadet and police force can wear is the correct army boots. Cadets UK offers a superior range of cadet footwear including, assault boots and military parade shoes. We have a superb range of military combat boots including; Lowa Boots, Magnum Boots, Altberg Sneeker, Warrior Boots and much more. 

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