Kids army Clothing.

If your child is into playing soldiers, then we supply many kinds of kid’s army gear such as out children’s tactical vest to kid’s army camouflage t shirts.Sample text simply exists so you can see what your new block looks like. 

Kids Army Clothes & Kit.

 Our selection of kid’s army gear may be the perfect outfit for Halloween when they want to dress up. Pair our children's army clothes with our ghillie suit and you can have a very memorable Halloween with your child, who will love you for dressing up with them!
Our Children's army clothes are made using very durable and tough material, most of our clothing is made in camouflage fabric giving your child the army look. All our clothing in the kid’s army shop is made from hard-wearing poly-cotton that is made to last through. Our children’s camouflage clothes can be used in both summer and winter conditions. Our new designs of our kid's army clothing have similar camouflage to the real deal, so your child can feel like they are a proud soldier in the British Army. Our kid’s clothing makes for a great choice of fancy dress clothing, unlike other fancy dress clothes our clothing is very durable which means your child can use the clothing to multiple fancy dress parties, as well as in the back garden with their friends.
Kids Assault vests.

Kids Assault vests.

A one size fits all assault vest that is very durable, where your child can not only look the part but be able to make use of all the storage on the vest. They can store their toy ammunition into the kids tactical vest, hold toy grenades or even their snack for later! Your kid can blend in to their surroundings thanks to the vest being camouflaged.

Kids Army Trousers.

Our Kids Army Trousers are a great start to your kid’s army gear collection, combined with our Kids Army Assault Vest your child will look like a tactical soldier. They will love to show off their new clothes to their friends, and will have even more fun playing soldiers than before! Our trousers are very durable so they won’t get ruined easily, this makes it a great alternative to your kid using their good clothes to run about the garden with. Kids clothing is for children and not for military use.

Army Rucksacks.

Kids rucksacks in British Army Pattern. Idea for kids to play soldiers or use as a small camouflage rucksack. Tough and durable with adjustable straps. 

Army Toys.

A selection of army trucks and tanks in model brick form. Hours of fun building tanks and jeeps.We sell kids army signs which are great for role playing in the garden or for their bedroom, our “Danger, mines” army sign would be perfect for your army mad child’s bedroom door, a new way to keep the bad guys out of their makeshift command base.