Army Ration Packs

M.R.Es (Meals Ready-to-Eat) as they’re often known are a great source of energy for anyone in the armed forces or those adventuring outdoors. When adventuring outdoors on a cadet expedition or in an emergency situation, having the correct supplies can make a huge difference to health and morale.Of course, we all know about the standard kit you must bring on any camping trip such as Magnum boots and army clothes but often we’re left lugging cumbersome food packages with us that aren’t optimized for nutrition and energy. Our Military of Defence ration packs are designed to give you maximum energy and calories without weighing your British Army rucksack down.


24 Ration Packs

24 hour packs are designed to provide for a full days food and energy for a full 24 hours activities. The 24 hour Ration packs are used by the Military on a regular basis ad they are light to carry around and easy to make. The meals and drinks in this ration pack can be added to suit each cadet’s own taste with extra drinks and snacks to make  enjoyable ration pack for a day in the outdoors. The army ration packs 24 hour contain everything you need. The 12 hour ration packs can have extras put into them if you wish.

Duke of Edinburgh Ration Packs

The Duke of Edinburgh ration packs have been carefully created so they can be enjoyed hot or cold. They’re lightweight and compact so as not to take up valuable space in your military rucksack. When you’re out on the field you might lose energy after hours of walking in your cadet boots. These ration packs will refuel you and have been specially developed for climbers and the military.

Mountain House Freeze Dried Ration packs

We stock ration kits that come in specially freeze dried packets, ready for hot water to be added. Mountain House ration packs are vacuum packed so take up little room in your rucksack, leaving more room for other essential kit.

Ration pack meal choices

  • Chicken korma with rice
  • Salmon and dill potatoes
  • Sweet and sour chicken with rice
  • Custard with apple
  • Oatmeal with raspberry

British Army Ration Packs

Cadets UK know just how important a healthy, energizing meal is for those who have been exploring or taking part if field-craft all day. The right food can make a great difference to the way your team operates out on the field. British Army 24 hour ration packs can be prepared in just 7 minutes by being boiled in their pouches. Each ration pack has a shelf life that last for years so can be bought well in advance of any trip with confidence the meal will remain delicious and nutritious!

Benefits of 24 hour British Army Ration Packs

  • Contains 4,000 calories to boost energy
  • Includes three main meals and snacks
  • High quality drinks, snacks and sundries included
  • Halal, Sikh, Hindu and Vegetarian options available

Rations and Survival.

Meals ready to eat make an important contribution to our survival aids bushcraft range.