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KFS Camping Cutlery


Military knife fork and spoon set


Olive Plates and Cups


Enamel plates and mugs


2 Piece Military Mess Tins.


Camping kettle


.Apex 4 person cook set.


2 person Peak cookset.


Thermal mug with cap


Cadet stainless steel mug olive

Cadet Knife Fork & Spoons.

We offer a good selection of very lightweight cooking pots and mess tins as well as copper bottom pans, square tins with drop down handles, olive plates, mugs, knife fork and spoons sets. Military Cooking Sets are a popular choice because they are light and easy to carry, these benefits are needed when you will be carrying heavy equipment all day, keeping your equipment as light as possible.

Cutlery sets

Cutlery is a required piece of equipment, especially when on field craft or camping outdoors, standard cutlery usually gets in the way when trying to store it for outdoor use and is prone to bending or breaking. A more durable and storage friendly option is required and we offer these military cutlery sets at very affordable prices. Our cutlery has a clip on feature which helps saves space and prevent cutlery getting lost in different pieces of the bag.

Plates and Mugs

A plate and mug set is ideal for camping as an alternative to using a mess tin. A standard mug or plate would shatter if stored when traveling and there could potentially be a risk of injury as you could cut yourself with the broken pieces. That’s why we sell enamel and plastic mug and plate sets so your set won’t break during travel. Plastic plates and mugs are also cheaper than their fragile counterparts so for less money you actually get a more durable and reliable set. Our sets can be in black or olive.

Mess Tins

Mess tins are an important part of most armies, they are essential to feeding their soldiers and have many other uses too. Mess tins are usually made of an alloy which is very strong and won’t break under pressure. Our metal mess tins come in packs of 2 and for ease of storage they slide into each other to half the storage space needed. Mess tins are commonly used when eating ration packs, we offer a wide range of ration packs including multiple meal options for your requirements.

Military Cook Sets

Cook sets are a resourceful way to carry all your needed cooking equipment when outdoors. Typically a cook set contains a pot which you can boil water or cook your ration packs in. A frying pan is also usually included. More expensive options of cook sets include our stainless steel 2 person cook set which includes mugs and plates as well as 2 pots and frying pan.

If you require more space for other essential equipment, then we recommend buying our mess tins which are metal can replace a cook-set if space is needed, if you have the space then a mess tin would be a great accompaniment with a cook set.