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 We have a great range of Cadet boots, Army Cadet Boots.

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Army Cadet Boots.

 Cadet Boots from all the leading brands from Lowa,Viper. Swat original and Grafters. We have been selling  Army Cadet Boots and Military Boots for over 30 years so you can trust our footwear.There are always new boots coming onto the market. Some good and some not so good simply because many people sell footwear made using poor quality materials. We at Cadets UK are always keen to introduce new lines that have been tested and tried in operations. Many of the Boots we have are from well known brand names that you will be familiar with.Unfortunately over the last few years boots have become cheaper and cheaper and as a result the some boots on the market are not up to our standards.

Equipment for Army Cadets|Air and Sea Cadets

There are just fewer than 100,000 cadets in the Army, Air and Sea Cadets. This huge number of avid young Cadets shows just how popular and enjoyable being a Cadet is. Cadets enjoy an annual camp which they can attend, where they will meet other recruits throughout the UK. Cadet boots are an important piece of kit.

Army Cadet Force.

We provide many varieties of  boots to thousands of Cadets around the world. We provide some of the best patrol boots and all our Cadet boots are suitable for all Cadets Forces in the UK and are extremely durable so can withstand the harsh conditions Cadets put them through during field craft. Our footwear can also be polished to a mirror like finish that Cadets want. If you are a Cadet and want a long lasting pair of British army assault boots that you can use for field craft and on parade, our wide selection is perfect for you.


You want to always look your best as a Cadet, turnout is wearing your uniform and equipment correctly. If you want to look sharp during turnout, a pair of our Cadet boots will help you do the job. Make sure you have got these footwear accessories to ensure you are looking your best. If you are a Cadet in the Air Training Corps, we recommend looking at our Air Cadet Parade Shoes.

Our skilled workforce is trained in all aspects of cadet footwear, meaning we can help you with picking the right assault boots and ensuring you get the very best service which is quick and reliable. Most of our Cadet Boots are in stock and we try and make sure that they are sent out for delivery using a next working day delivery service where possible. We supply safety and emergency services footwear as well as supplying the Cadet Force, British army and police and units in many countries around the world. We are always adding new products to our website to make sure that we are offering the best available Cadet kits on line.

Light Assault Boots.

Featuring a military style patterned sole which stops mud clogging the boot, the lightweight assault cadet boot is a fantastic entry level boot for any cadet. The tongue is sewn to top to prevent any water coming into the boot. A water proof based polish is recommended to keep the boot as water resistant as possible. A padded collar has been fitted to provide extra comfort to the Cadet.

Waterproof combat boots

One of the lightest made Cadet Assault boots, these Cadet Assault boots are waterproof and are made from a breathable lightweight and waterproof leather. A perfect pair of Military boots for Cadets on their feet all day and need full protection in a lightweight boot. Very comfortable and durable. Our Magnum boots are now at a lower price

Parade Boots

A great option for entry level Cadets as well as Musical Bands is this budget friendly pair of boots. Mainly used by Sea Cadets, the boot has a smooth toe cap and pull on tie at the heel for ease of use.

Top Gun Combat Boot

Available in sizes 3 to 15, this boot is an ideal choice for those requiring a lightweight option. Made of black coated action leather and featuring a rubber sole, steel shank and thinsulate lining this boot is made for Cadets and the police force.


We have been selling cadet boots for over 30 years and will offer you a no quibble guarantee of our boots.If you need any advice on these cadet boots then give us a call and we will try an answer any questions you many have. Discounts.If you wish to buy in bulk then we will give you discounts to rival anyone selling similar boots.