Trangia cooker 25 GB

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The Trangia 25gb cooker is lightweight.Our stove systems spread heat  evenly.This means that food does not stick to the centre  of the pan. The hard surface means that the cookers are resistant to scratching and wear.

1.5 litre  aluminium pan for the Trangia 25 cooker.
1.75 litre aluminium pan for the Trangia 25 cooker.
22cm  aluminium  pan/lid for a Trangia 25 cooker.
The Trangia Gas burner provides more heat than meths  and will not leave deposits on the pans.
The lower wind-shield is easy to fit for controlling  temperature
Upper aluminium wind-shield for a Trangia 25
Lower aluminium windscreen for Trangia 25 Stove.
Replacement parts available.
Strap that holds the cook set together.
Notice – as a precaution when using the Trangia Gas burner please ensure that the canister is upright.