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Military Hackles

Are you looking for Scottish Regiments hackles and plumes at discounted prices? At Cadets UK, we are manufacturers and exporters of all types of quality-made plumes/hackles for regiments and pipe bands.Cadets UK stock the most popular plumes/hackles as worn throughout the British army and Highland regiments. We believe that these historical additions to military kits should be specially made. All or our hackles and plumes are 100% hand made with Goose feathers. Here are just some of the Hackles and Plumes we stock for Military Regiments.

What Is a Hackle?

At Cadets UK we are honored to provide Hackles and Plumes for the Military. We provide a range of hackles and plumes for individual regiments. Traditionally, a hackle is a clipped feather plume which can be attached to a military headdress.

This is a very special acknowledgment in the British Army and is also used in armies of some Commonwealth countries. The hackle is most commonly worn by some infantry regiments, particularly those chosen as fusilier regiments. It is also common for regiments from Scottish and Northern Irish origins. In most cases, the colour of the hackle varies from regiment to regiment, making it a very special piece of military kit.

The Royal Highland Fusiliers

The Royal Highland Fusiliers, 2nd Battalion the Royal Regiment of Scotland (2 SCOTS) is a light role infantry battalion based at Glencorse Barracks in Penicuik near Edinburgh. The Battalion is proud of its rich history and professionalism. This Royal Regiment provides soldiering excellence and is part of 51 Infantry (Scottish) Brigade.Soldiers from the 2 SCOTS army are currently supporting training for the Afghan National Army, and as part of the UK’s commitment to NATO’s peacekeeping mission in Afghanistan are part of the Kabul Security.

Royal Regiment of Scotland

The Royal Regiment of Scotland was formed in 2006 through the amalgamation of Scotland's historic infantry regiments to form a stronger, whole fighting force. The Royal Regiment of Scotland is incredibly proud of their heritage and their battalions carry forward links with the regiments that formed them.

In recent years this royal regiment has had, soldiers deployed around the world on a range of peacekeeping and humanitarian missions. Working on some of the world biggest peace projects, this regiment has supported ongoing NATO security mission in Afghanistan, patrolling the UN-policed buffer zone in Cyprus, helping to combat the spread of Ebola in Sierra Leone and taking part in short-term training teams working with partner nations in Africa.

The Modern Hackle

The modern hackle has evolved and has its roots in a longer style of  plume, and was historically referred to by its Scottish name, the ‘heckle'. The “heckle” was work attached to a feather bonnet worn by Highland regiments and still is today by military band members; drummers, pipers and bandsmen. The smaller version was invented in a regimental emblem and was adopted by the 42nd Royal Highland Regiment. This regiment would wear the smaller version as  a sun helmet.