British Army ration packs

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24 HOUR RATION PACKS               

Breakfast Natural Muesli,

Main meal  Bean & Pasta Salad, chickpea  curry, plain rice, mango cake, hot pepper  sauce.

Snacks- apple /peach fruit purée, oatmeal block,sesame seed bar, smooth peanut butter, roasted and salted peanuts, cheese spread 

Drinks-orange flavour fortified powder drink, rasper berry flavour drink powder, tutti fruity drink powder, tropical flavour drink powder.

Re-usable poly bag, 2 tea bags, 2 wet wipes,beverage whitener, 4 sugar, tissues,instant coffee,5 matches,water purification tablet x6

mint flavour hot chocolate drink powder.

24 hour British army ration packs. This is a one stop ration pack that contains 3995 quality calories, has a,breakfast lunch and dinner and not forgetting the high energy drinks & snacks. This army ration pack is sufficient for an active person for up to 24 hours

This ration pack has everything for 24 hours to survive while out and about. These are the same rations issued to Army
3 x Ready to Eat Meals
1 x Dessert
1 x Tissue
1 x Spork
2 x Wet Wipes
A selection of energy boosting snacks
Electrolyte drinks  & beverages
The individual items in this box are labelled with dietary and other information. Please read carefully to ensure the product meets your dietary requirements.