Kids Army Clothes Shop Camouflage Kit

If your child is into playing soldiers, then we supply many kinds of kid’s army gear such as out children’s tactical vest to kid’s army camouflage t shirts.

We sell kids army signs which are great for role playing in the garden or for their bedroom, our “Danger, mines” army sign would be perfect for your army mad child’s bedroom door, a new way to keep the bad guys out of their makeshift command base!

Our children’s ghillie suit let’s your child be super stealthy while on their army missions and makes them blend in with the bushes and grass around them, where they can ambush their friends! Our kids ghillie suits are fantastic for hide and seek! If your child loves playing a pilot, we sell pilot jackets as well as full body flying suits which they can wear and impress their friends.


Kids Army Assault Vest


Kids army assault vest btp


Kids Army Camouflage T/shirts


Kids OliveT-shirts


Kids Army Unlined Waistcoat


Kids Combat jackets camouflage btp


Kids CombatTrousers btp camouflage


Kids Army Trousers


camouflage cream for kids


kids pilot jacket olive


Ghillie Suits for children


Kids Flying Suit Olive


Kids Camouflage Jacket


Survival Tins BCB


Cheap scrim net


Kids army signs command bunker


kids army sighs Mines


kids army sign sniper


kids army signs bombsite


kids army baseball cap


Kids Peak Cap


Kids Army Helmets


kids army helmet in btp


Kids Hi Vis Waistcoat


Army dog tags for kids


kids army ammo tin