Military Accessories

At Cadets UK we supply a wide range of accessories for military use. With Cadets in mind we have compiled the most popular products cadets have been using. We stock a wide range of camo cream from brands like Kombat and Wesco. We also stock camouflage stealth tape such as HMTC and other products like survival tins and boot polishing kits so you can get everything you need as a Cadet from Cadets UK.


NATO German jerry cans


Camouflage Stealth Tape


HMTC Camo Wrap Tape


Fire Steel Military


Trouser Twists


Camo Compact 5 Colour


Camo Compact 3 Colour


Camo Cream Stick 2 Colour


Wesco Camo Cream


Camo Face Paint 3 Colour


Army dog tags for kids


Dog Tag Silencers


Bungies Olive 60cm


Boot Polishing Kit


Light Weight Dry Sacks


Scrim Net Olive


Survival tin plastic


Para cord


Sewing kit in multicam


Folding scissors


Scrim net