Military and Cadet Rucksacks

Military Rucksacks

Military rucksacks are designed to be able to cope with very hard and tough conditions, such as war zones and very damp climates. Thanks to their durability and strength military rucksacks have become increasingly popular with civilians who take part in outdoor activities such as hiking, cycling and climbing. British Army Rucksacks are made out of a material called Cordura. Cordura is an incredibly tough and reliable material which helps prevent abrasions, tears and scuffs, making it an ideal material for creating Military Rucksacks. Cadets UK have been supplying the M.O.D. and different armed forces worldwide with specialist military equipment for years now and they have always viewed our outdoor equipment with respect.


Cadet rucksack 50 Litre official pack


Camelbak Motherlode back pack & 3lt reservoir multicam


Molle Med Mulitcam Army Rucksacks


New 50 Litre Cadet Rucksack


Army Assault Pack 28 Litre Black


Small Molle Rucksack in btp pattern 28 ltr


Assault pack small size 28 ltr


Assault Pack 40 Litre Coyote


Assault Pack 40 Litre black


Assault Pack 40 Litre Olive


Assault Pack 40 Litre btp


Mission back pack vcam


Mission pack Black


Viper midi bag


Viper Speical ops bag vcam


viper side loader daypack vcam


viper side loader daypack black


viper recon extra back pack vcam


viper lazer recon back pack


viper day modular bag


Forces Multicam 25 Rucksack


Forces Multicam 33 Rucksack


Forces Multicam 44 Rucksack


Forces Multicam 66 Rucksack


Elite pack backpack vcam


Multicam Tomahawk Elite 30 Litre Rucksack


Military Assault Bags Elite LX


Tomahawk Elite SF Assault Pack Multicam


Special ops bag


Folding dump bag