Multicam Webbing pouches

Multicam webbing. Muliticam was designed to incorporate Desert and Dpm.This was to see if one type of camouflage could do well in different terrains and climates without the need to change the camouflage pattern and the design seem to have worked so far. It became apparent in Afghanistan where troops were wearing all sorts of camouflage from desert to D.P.M. What was needed was a good pattern that would work in these terrains and not be wearing a camouflage that was more suited for somewhere else. Our Multicam webbing is made in the UK by a trusted manufacturer and is made to very strict quality controls. All  Multicam webbing and pouches are designed to be compatible with the standard modular system.


Combi Pouch


Multicam Utility Pouch


Double Utility Pouch in Multicam


Single Utility Waterbottle Pouch


Triple Utility Pouch


Ammo Pouch Doulbe


webbing set Airborne para webbing MTP


6 Piece Webbing Set in Multicam


Multicam Yoke


Hydration Pouch


Hydration pouch british terrain pattern