Snugpack Clothing

Snugpack is a company who specialises in producing high quality outdoor and military clothing designed to withstand the harsh environment it’s users put them through. Snugpak clothing is used by people such as the Armed Forces, fishermen and Survival Enthusiasts alike. The Snugpak Clothing range now includes the Military range, but started life as the Code Green range which started out as few products that were made in olive. Snugpak has grown due to demands made by people who want only the best kit. Snugpak now comes in different colours for the different locations it’s users are in. Our Snugpak sleeping bag, rucksacks and jackets have been made to very high standards using only the best fabrics. They are lightweight take up little room to give the best value, durability and performance money can buy.

Now Only

Snugpak Sleeka Reversable


Snugpak Sleeka Elite


Snugpak Sleeka Elite Reversible


Snugpak Softie Shirt


Snugpak Elite Pile Shirt


Snugpak Elite Softie Shirt


Snugpak Vapour Active soft shell


Snugpak Vapour Active Windtop


Snugpak sj6 cold weather jacket blue


Snugpak sj6 cold weather jacket olive


Snugpak sj6 cold weather jacket black


Snugpak sj6 cold weather jacket multicam


Snugpak waterproof jacket Torrent


Snugpak sasquatch


snugpak ebony